Robin The Rhino - Beanie

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Recycled Cotton

Designed in the EU

Made in P.R.C.


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Robin The Rhino

Robin is a Black Rhino. He lives in Tanzania and his favorite hobby is to wander around the Ngorongo crater.

He is really shy and only enjoys the company of his closest friends. One day, during one of his daily walks he found a saw that was used by a poacher to cut a friend’s horn. Ever since, he has been carrying it with him; as a reminder of the damage it can cause but with the conviction that it can also be used to create great things.


Name: Diceros Bicornis

Count: Less than 5.000

Threat: Poachers

Fun Fact: They are difficult to spot because they are very shy.

Habitat: Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia & Zimbabwe