George The Gorilla - Frame

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Frame & Poster

100% Sustainable Wood (FSC Approved)

Made in Spain

Size: 27x33cm


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Rest of Europe: 10€

Rest of World: 14€

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George The Gorilla

George is a Eastern Mountain Gorilla, living in Democratic Republic of the Congo (Near Sabinyo Volcano). George is very proud he has become the silver back of the group.

As a gorilla, he tends to defend his group rather than his territory. However, his territory has been diminishing because of the woodcutters trying to expand agricultural land, which worries him. George doesn't like violence, but since he found the axe in the forest, he always carries it.


Name: Gorilla Beringei Beringei

Count:  Less than 880 in the Wild

Threat:  Habitat Loss due to deforestation

Fun Fact:  Gorillas rarely drink water. They get their water needs from all the veggies and plants they eat.

Habitat:  Congo Basin