Peter The Penguin - White Tee

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100% Organic Cotton

Made in Portugal

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Peter The Penguin

Peter is a Galapagos Penguin, he lives in Fernandina Island. During the day he loves to swim in the cold waters to stay fresh.

When he was just a little penguin the tide brought up a really old bow, which fascinated Peter, so he practiced until he became an expert archer. Later on, he built his own bow to protect the colony from bycatching. He is now the best archer, the Robin Hood of the Penguins.


Name: Spheniscus Mendiculus

Count: Less than 2000 in the Wild

Threat:  Many Predators and Fishermen Nets

Fun Fact:  It is the only penguin that lives in the North of the Equator

Habitat:  Galapagos Islands

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