Blood Edition - Billy The Bear


The Billy The Bear Trucker Cap protects and helps Billy and his family. They need to have a chance to survive extinction, and this cap will raise awareness about their situation.

We donate 20% of the profits to NGOs working with bears, which amounts to about 2.5€ for each cap ordered.

Little by little, with your effort, and our dedication, we can make a big impact in the world.

Organic Cotton & Polyester

Designed in Spain

Made in P.R.C.

Free Shipping Over €60.

Spain: 5€

Europe: 5€

US, Canada & Mexico: 9€

Rest of World: 10-12€

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Billy the bear

Billy is an Himalayan Brown Bear, he lives in the Tibet. He is always searching for berries near his forest.

He loves spending time with his little brothers. They love to play hide and seek, but Billy is aware of the dangers of this game because his mother, Melinda, was nearly killed by a poacher while they were playing when Billy showed up the poacher left without his weapon, a SMG.

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Ursus Arctos Isabellinus


Less than 60 in the Wild (2012)



Fun Fact

He is associated with the legend of the Yeti.


Himalayan Forest and Tundra