All along history, fashion has been considered as a shallow and an exclusive discipline but history has also taught us that rules can be broken and changed and that something as basic as clothing can represent so much more than what it might seem at first.
The Industrial Revolution, The First and Second World Wars, The Hippie, Punk and Grunge movement… they all represent ideas but what is more important, they represent people: who they are, what they think, where they come from, what they fight for… At some point, fashion ceased to be just this superficial and empty thing where only what was considered beautiful or socially accepted had place, to become a way of self-expression.

We could say that Streetwear is now a days the fashion trend that symbolizes the values of transgression, rebellion and self-expression. It is raw, edgy, real, authentic urban style. And in this post we wanted to show you some of our favorite streetwear brands:


It is the most iconic streetwear brand to date. They have made collaborations with almost every big name in the fashion industry from Nike to The North Face, Levi’s or Comme des Garçons.
They have created their own universe and identity. They are what in the fashion world is called an aspirational brand, a ‘title’ that usually only  the luxury houses hold due to what they represent.
The Skate, Punk and Hip-Hop movement found a place in the world created for young and rebel souls that is represented in every collection.



Be whoever you want to be, what you want to be. Be you. No matter what. The founder was a professional skateboarder who saw this not only as his passion but as a way of self-expression. The brand represents a ground breaking movement that transcends social structures and is based on freedom and authenticity. "Go out and create your own future – do it yourself, do it in style."

Crooks and Castles

This brand started on the principles of family, loyalty and hard work. They describe themselves as ‘a deeply rooted Street culture brand with a luxury aesthetic’ made for everyone trying to built something from the ground. Clean lines, simplicity, and detailed graphics are the key points of their designs and on these pillars Dennis Calvero and Rob Panlili have been able to create a loyal community.

Urban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitters phenomenon is one of a kind. They have created a whole customer experience and an entire community around them; lifestyle, music, restaurants, vintage looks… With this idea of bringing together likeminded creative individuals, UO combines ‘premium basics and on-trend fashion pieces, featuring denim, exclusive collaborations, limited edition sneakers, graphics and accessories’.


A Bathing Ape

It was founded in 1993 and it has been introducing the Japanese style to the world ever since. Original patterns, simple lines and their iconic graphics have made BAPE one of the role model brands in the streetstyle movement. The brand has also made collaborations with some huge corporations such as Nintendo, DC Comics, Coca-Cola and even other streetwear worldwide known brands like Supreme and Carhartt.



As many streetwear brands, Stüsy was born under the surf/skate culture in California. Graphic t-shirts, short pants, caps, urban colors, now a day we could say that it is also influenced by Hip-Hop music and rap. It is a brand that has been able to adapt their clothing to the different changes that society has experience, something that has turn them into a renewed classic that will live forever.


They started as a Premium boutique in L.A. but due to their great success, now they have their own clothing line. Sporty, urban, comfort and sharp designs are the main lines of their clothes.
Undefeated is also well known for keeping stock of the rarest releases and they frequently collaborate with brands like Adidas, Converse or Nike.

And finally, The Jungle Warriors was also born as a streetwear concept brand. The combination of black and white colors, street art designs and stencil lines, give an urban aesthetic to our collections, something we like to compare and contrast with the core of our brand: saving endangered wildlife species from extinction. Nature takes the city to claim its rights transforming the city streets into an Urban Jungle. Help us raise awareness here!


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