Pollution, climate change, land degradation, overexploitation, thawing, deforestation… For centuries now we have been acting irresponsibly, thinking that there would be no consequences. But the time has come to stop and realize that it has been enough, that if we keep pushing there will be nothing left to fight for. We cannot start over and make amends but we can begin now and create a new ending.

Our world is changing: Poles are melting and as a consequence, sea levels are rising, we are experiencing severe droughts throughout the planet that will cause more water shortages and an increasement of wildfires. We are cutting down entire forest, destroying other species habitats in the name of “progress” but, at what price? Under what flag? With what authority? Do we really believe that the planet belongs to us only?

Today is the International Earth Day and we wanted to dedicate a few lines to the biggest issue we are facing but no one seams to acknowledge: We are destroying our home.

But there is still time. More and more people are becoming aware of the situation everyday and we have the strong believe that if we get together, we can turn this around because what we are after is a better life, another way of living. Responsibility, balance, equality, coexistence should be our new goals.

We are all in this together although there are still some people that are denying the evidence and that might call us all crazy, remember rebellions are built on hope and we have some good reasons to fight for: Our dreams, our lives, our future and our home.


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