Fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world next to big oil. It has a huge impact on the environment, from pesticide and heavy water usage, to toxic dyes and the carbon footprint of shipping garments all over the world.

We are becoming conscious of the problem and some brands among the fashion industry are taking the lead and taking a step forward by trying to make their clothes less contaminant and more Eco-friendly.

Here is a list of brands that are trying to make a positive environmental impact in the long term: 

- Threads 4 Thought
It is a full lifestyle brand of fashion that is produced responsibly & supports sustainable initiatives like the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots program. They use organic and recycled materials and it is a certified B corporation.

People Tree
People tree is a brand that buys most of its products from marginalized producer groups and they guarantee that almost all of their purchasing is committed to the World Fair Trade Organization.
It is a brand that also cares about a more sustainable future so they use natural resources on the production of their clothes and that way the promote environmentally responsible initiatives.

- EcoVibe Apparel
It is a brand with heart. They describe themselves as people who “take time and care to consider where and how things are made, who makes them and what they are made of.” They use recycle materials and give back by donating 1% of their profits to the NGO 1% For The Planet.

- Amour Vert 
As many other brands already believe thanks to a more conscious market, Amour Vert was founded on the belief that fashion and social responsibility can actually coexist.In the world of fast fashion they bet for and enduring style, non-toxic dyes and sustainable fabrics because they think “ we can make the world a greener, more beautiful place- once garment at a time.”

- Cienne 
This brand works with sustainable fibers for a high quality clothing and with low minimum suppliers which allow them to reduce waste and their footprint through small-batch production. As many brands do now a day, they have very strong transparency politics.
It also stands for preserving artisanal skills, precision and design.

- Pact
Their clothes are a 100% organic cotton ‘only and always’ and they also used eco-friendly materials, to keep improving.  Toxic dyes and pesticides are out of the picture because ‘comfort should never be at the cost of other people or the planet and that’s why they look for Fair Trade Certified factories.

They use efficient ecofriendly and pro-social technologies and practices in their factories to make sure the y built a green infrastructure to minimize the waste, water and energy footprints.

- OuterKnown
Innovation is one of their principles but it is based on responsibility. Every decision they make are focused on how they can lower their impact con the planet and make ir better.
"We build products by making every decision with the highest regard for the environment and the people we work with."

- Stella McCartney
It was one of the firsts luxury brand to join the eco movement.The designer says ‘no’ to leather, fur and feathers, in order to create a more sustainable future.

We couldn’t leave Everlane out of this post. A very special brand that we think has been an inspiration for many others in terms of transparency, ethics and quality. An American fashion brand that believes in making timeless fashion with an exceptional quality, ethical factories that use sustainable and organic fibers and where people are paid a fair salary and, what they call, Radical transparency which means that they would show you how much the whole process of making the clothes you buy cost.

Here’s a little bonus! The Jungle Warriors is also an eco-friendly brand! Of course there are some areas we have to improve but, who doesn’t? Our t-shirts are made of organic cotton and produced on Fair Trade Factories. The wood of our frames is FSEC wood and all our packaging is made out of recycled materials and produced in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint!

Another world is possible, it is just a matter of priorities, consciousness and having a cause to fight for.



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